Monday, December 24, 2007

Personal Training Performing Suspicious Activity

Registered Kinesiologist Claims Many Personal Trainers Are Ripping Off Their Clients

News1130 - September 24, 2007 - by Katharine Kitts

VANCOUVER(NEWS1130)- Personal trainers are usually hired to help people get in shape and feel good about themselves. But one registered kinesiologist claims more and more trainers are ripping off their clients, leaving them feeling needy, dependant and broke.

Kyle Stanton is a registered kinesiologist and says after a year and a half in the industry, he's seen an increase in suspicious activity. Stanton says one problem is, people fork out thousands of dollars, without asking questions first. And he says it's easy for trainers to get away with it. "There's no certification at all in Canada required at all. There's no overriding body in Canada at all that says people need to have any sort of education, training or insurance to call themselves a personal trainer...there's nothing!"

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