Saturday, April 12, 2008

Do Toxin Foot Pads Work?

Have your clients asked about toxin removing foot pads?

Here is a great article on the answer.

Ridding Yourself of Toxins, or Money?
Company Says Kinoki Foot Pads 'Capture Toxins From Your Body'

April 11, 2008 - By John Stossel

Heavy metals like arsenic and mercury? Parasites, metabolic wastes, even cellulite? Maybe that's why you're tired or stressed out or your back hurts. Well, someone has a cure for you.

John Stossel puts the product to the test using a group of volunteers."Kinoki foot pads, the incredible detox system that naturally captures toxins from your body while you sleep!" That's what the TV ads blare, and they're persuasive. After all, we've been told that poisons are everywhere.

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