Monday, August 25, 2008

Kinesiologists are Everywhere!

I got this article in my mailbox this morning.

It is exciting to see the profession of Kinesiology grown.

It has been regulated in Ontario and in time it will be fully regulated in all the other provinces in Canada.

Job Special: Kinesiologists - August 21st, 2008 - Healthy work Mathieu St-Onge Translated by Carole Sadelain

Kinesiologists are increasingly being employed by businesses to keep workers healthy 'n' happy. Although quite visible throughout North America, kinesiologists are little known in Quebec. But that's all changing. Kinesiologists are university-trained professionals who help maintain or improve people's health via a safe and personalized physical activity program. Much more than personal trainers, kinesiologists are professionals holding at least a bachelor's degree and who are accredited by the Quebec Federation of Kinesiologists. Nearly a quarter of them have a master's or doctorate, and many are specialized in therapeutic exercise as well as health and safety in the workplace.

According to Health Canada, companies wishing to hire an accredited kinesiologist to put in place a wellness program at work should see it as an investment and not an expense. Benefits of setting up such programs are numerous - and seemingly proven.

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