Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Langley Exercise Physiologist Warns of The Dangers of Flip-Flops

This is a very important article.

Women are huge into shoes but one of the number one complaint from them is foot pain and soreness.

Decrease the time in wearing flip-flops and your feet will be happier and you will have pain-free feet.

Experts Give Flip-Flops Thumbs Up For The Poolside, Thumbs Down For Foot Pain

By Katherine Kam - WebMD Feature

Once upon a time, flip-flops were cheap, rubber thongs that you wore to wash your car or schlep to the beach.

Nowadays, they're a summertime craze. No longer just dull drugstore specials, the sandals with the V-shaped straps turn up everywhere in eye-popping shades, from hot pink to lime green. They come adorned with spangles, flowers, and college logos. One company even created flip-flops with a built-in bottle opener.

Fun and fashionable, flip-flops have their place in your shoe closet, experts say. But they're not meant to be worn with abandon -- or else you may be courting foot pain.

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Rick Kaselj
Exercise Physiologist
Langley, BC, Canada
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