Saturday, November 1, 2008

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Rick Kaselj Update

It is a week of celebrations!

This week:
- I turn 35 (It's my birthday).
- The Fitness & Rehab Newsletter celebrates 5 years.
- My son, Cole, turns 1.

To celebrate the big week, I am putting all five of my books on sale this week. From October 28 to November 1.

If you have not got them yet, this is the time.

This is what one, reader had to say:

“I bought Rick’s Core Stability of the Back book and have found it helpful for my client’s lower back. I believe what is in the books so much that I gave the book and DVD to my boss so she could follow Rick’s program, to help her reach a pain-free back.” – Marina Boons

To get the books visit and use the coupon code "5fitness".

The is not this weeks Fitness & Rehab Newsletter, it will be out later this week.

Take care.

Rick Kaselj

Here are the five books:

Core Stability of the Back
Core stability muscles play an important role in all activities of daily living. They enable us to perform the simplest of activities and help us maintain good posture. When ignored, core stability muscles become weak and the risk of lower back pain and instability increases. In the Core Stability of the Back book you will learn about the key muscles of the core, how to locate these muscles in the body, how to activate them and an effective program to create a strong and stable back.

Core Stability of the Back
- Client Handout -
This is a book that Fitness & Rehabilitation Professionals can use as an education tool for their clients. The book contains 35 Core Stability of the Back client handouts which is a one page handout that has a brief description of what core stability is and on the back side of the page a core stability home program that clients can follow. No more stick men or clients not remembering. This handout will remind them of what core stability is, how they should perform the exercises and a core stability program they can do at home.

Your Stability Ball Exercise Guide
You bought a stability ball, now what? This guide will take you through 23 exercises that target your legs, chest, back and abdominals. The guide includes two stability ball workouts you can follow based on your fitness level and a stretch routine you can do with the stability ball.

The Most Effective Gluteus Maximus Exercises
A common area that people want to exercise is their gluteus. There are a number of common exercises people do but recent research has determined which gluteus exercises are the most effective. This guide will help you learn about the most common gluteus exercises and which ones are the most effective in working your gluteus maximus, hamstrings and gluteus medius.

How to Save Money on Fitness Equipment
The value of the Canadian dollar has been rising for the last two years, making it stand to reason that the cost of fitness equipment would go down in Canada. Fitness equipment has been shown to be as much as 50% more expensive in Canada compared to the USA. How to Save Money on Fitness Equipment explain why Canadian are paying more, teaches you 22 ways you can save on your next fitness equipment purchase and provides you with a comprehensive list of companies that sell fitness equipment.

P.S. - To get the books visit and use the coupon code "5fitness".

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