Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Canada Should Be Spending $300 Million on Osteoporois and Exercise, Not Another Election!

Osteoporosis Canada released a report last week stating that osteoporotic fractures cost $1.3 billion dollars to treat.

With the population aging, it is important that females over the age of 65 get screened. It is time that the government gets serious about exercise and realize it is the most powerful drug on the market.

There is a lot the government can do to help prevent osteoporotic fractures and osterporosos, like decreasing the barriers to exercise.

- Rick

It's time for more focus on bones
Many provinces aren't doing enough about osteoporosis
December 03, 2008 - National Post - Dr . Yoel Abells

Last week, Osteoporosis Canada released a report aptly titled Breaking Barriers, Not Bones. This study's intent was to determine the nationwide accessibility that patients have to bone mineral density testing and osteoporosis treatment. Sadly, many provinces fared poorly in this analysis.

Bones undergo a continuous process of matrix formation and breakdown (or resorption). This is a natural process that is essential to bone health. However, if the resorption outpaces the formation, the density of the bone is reduced and osteopenia or osteoporosis develops. The concern with osteoporosis is that --as the bony structure thins out -- the bone is more susceptible to breaking. Broken bones can lead to significant pain, increasing disability and even death. Since osteoporosis is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the elderly, this is not an insignificant concern--one whose relevance is becoming more acute as our population ages. According to the study, the "annual cost of treating osteoporotic fractures is $1.3-billion."

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