Friday, December 5, 2008

Personal Training Regulation in the USA

I had done a post on this topic some time ago.

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It is nice that it is being licensed but it is not going to change much.

If personal trainers have no reserved acts, meaning they can only do certain things like surgeons are the only ones trained to do surgeries, exercise professionals will just call themselves something else. They can use terms like fitness coach, exercise coach, wellness trainer, etc.

What they will see is there will be fewer and fewer people paying to be personal trainers and doing the same service under a different name.

Good luck New Jersey! The money should be sent on getting people moving compared to regulation. Oh well!

Personal Trainer Licensing Debate
By Ryan Halvorson

The November-December 2008 issue of IDEA Fitness Journal (2008; 5 [10], 16) reported on proposed legislation that would require personal trainers in Washington, DC, to register with the mayor and submit fees biennially. Registered personal trainers would be regulated by the Board of Physical Therapy and would operate within a scope of practice delineated by the board. Now, other states are following suit.

On October 6, 2008, Senate Bill S 2164—the “Fitness Professional Licensing Act”—was proposed in New Jersey. This legislation would require that a governor-appointed board oversee the licensing and regulation of personal trainers and group fitness instructors.

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Fusion Fit Sharyn said...

Good Post Rick!

I agree with you, the energy spent on trying to regulate the industry via the government could be better spent on educating instead of mandating additional requirements to work.

Our industry is closely watched by IDEA, ACE, NASM, NSCA , ACSM and others who take their position to educate and certify seriously.

We do not need more certifying or regulating bodies, we need grass roots promotion to reach society and finally get a grasp on obesity, as it is at a 61% occurrence in the current adult population!


Fitness Fusion Training

Fusion Fit Sharyn said...

Great Post Rick!

It is very frustrating for another government entity to want to regulate our industry, but that money is best suited to be used elsewhere.

With ACSM, NASM, ACE, IDEA, and a host of other competent certifying organizations to regulate our field, we do not need more.

Those funds are best suited to start a grass-roots promotion to get the awareness out and fully address the rising current obesity rate of 61% for adults. The rising obesity trend of children should fully capture the attention, not the need for one more person telling US how to be.

That attention is best suited for our society, who clearly needs the regulation more than us!


Fitness Fusion Training

Sarah Rippel said...

Sharyn has some really awesome points! I would like to think that everyone could "come together" to reach a common ground, because it seems that people are getting more and more unhealthy despite how hard we try to get the message across.

But I still want the cracker-jack trainers out of the picture :D

Keep it up!
Sarah E. Rippel