Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program Rescheduled

I had to reschedule the scapular stabilization exercise webinar because of a funeral.


I am not good with funerals. I am not sure how to act or behave.

The good thing that came out of the rescheduling of the webinar is I was able to do more research on scapular stabilization.

I am so glad I did. I came across two articles that changed my scapular stabilization exercise webinar.

The first article only came out two weeks ago and addressed the contraindication of an exercises that I include in my scapular stabilization program. I am glad I found that article, it addressed the biomechanics of the shoulder during the exercise and highlighted which shoulder injuries should not be doing the exercise. I was able to get the details into the webinar, ebook, on-line resources and added the great article to the references of the webinar.

The second article came out earlier this year and is amazing. Very geeky but it reviewed all the research when it comes to exercises for scapula dyskinesis. The article re-enforced the importance that a scapular stabilization exercise program is not just strength exercises. If this is all you are focusing on with your clients that have winging scapula or a scapula that does not function properly overhead, then you are doing are not helping your client. It showed me that there are 5 components of a scapular stabilization exercise program. I got those five things into the webinar and I know it will help all those that attended with their shoulder clients.

I am glad that I glad I had that funeral as it has changed how I approach scapular stabilization exercises and I know it will improve the lives of all of my shoulder injury clients.

If you missed out on the webinar, here is you chance to get it:


P.S. – I came across two research articles that have changed how I prescribe scapular stabilization exercises. I have added them to the Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program.


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