Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You Overtraining Your Abs?

I came across an article and it got me thinking:

==> Injuries from Ab Overtraining <---- Not What You Think

The article was on overtraining your abs.
We all know about ab training leading to an increased risk of disc herniations
but this may not be the only potential injury.

The article got me thinking of new injury risks from overtraining your abs,
especially if you do any exercises or work overhead.

Plus I have some exercises to help prevent ab overtaining.

==> Exercises to Prevent Overtraining <---- Few Exercises

In a second article I read, it talked about empty can and full can exercises.
Which is the best if you have shoulder impingement.

==> Which Can Exercise is Better? <---- Rotator Cuff Exercises

That is it.

Have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Rick Kaselj – rkaselj@HealingThroughMovement.com
Registered Kinesiologist Specializing in Injury Rehabilitation
Surrey, BC, Canada
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