Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Doctors Work Load Decreases, Thanks to Pharmacists

This is a great change.

It is excellent to see the BC Government working on efficiency in the Health Care system.

Medical doctors are over worked and handing less critical tasks to a qualified health care profession is a great idea.

Looking forward to more efficiencies that the government will be implementing.

New Powers for Pharmacists Too Risky, B.C. Doctors Warn

Canwest News Service - September 19, 2008

VANCOUVER -- A new provincial policy that will give pharmacists the power to renew and adapt prescriptions without prior approval from a doctor could be dangerous for patients, according to the B.C. Medical Association.

Starting Jan. 1 next year, pharmacists across B.C. can exercise a new authority to renew customers' prescriptions and make limited changes to them based on their own judgment, and without consulting the patients' doctors.

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