Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vancouver Canucks Eliminating Groin Injuries in Ice Hockey

The Vancouver Canucks have incorporated a number of corrective exercise principles to decrease groin injuries in hockey players.

Excellent to see.

Taking Care of Below the Belt
When it comes to groin, prevention is the best medicine

The Province - Jim Jamieson - September 21, 2008

WHISTLER -- Last time the Vancouver Canucks had a training camp, six players suffered groin tweaks of varying severity that caused ripple effects through the preseason.

Takahashi said the credit for the sterling record goes to a program instituted a year ago whereby each player is photographed going through a variety of movements. The pictures are overlaid by a grid that allows trainers to pick out deficiencies in different parts of the athlete's body. A software program then produces a program for each individual to work on those deficiencies with a foam roller, stability ball, core sling bands and stretching.

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