Thursday, September 25, 2008

If The Government Wants to Learn How to End Obesity, They Should Look to Smokers

I have been thinking this for some time.

I have had this debate with many of my fellow students in my Masters program.

If government is serious about taking on obesity, they need to attack it and market it like they do for smoking, seat belts and children helmets.

Tackle Obesity Like Smoking, Says Researcher

Reuters, Michael Kahn

Tackling the global obesity epidemic will require governments to take similar action to that many have used to curb smoking, a top researcher said Wednesday.

This could include regulations that restrict how companies market junk food to children and requirements for schools to serve healthy meals, said Professor Boyd Swinburn, a public health researcher who works with the World Health Organization.

"The brakes on the obesity epidemic need to be policy-led and governments need to take centre stage," Swinburn, a researcher at Deakin University in Australia, said at the 2008 European Congress on Obesity.

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