Friday, September 26, 2008

Will A Fitness Tax Credit Help Canada?

This is a great idea.

I hope Dave Rodney gets re-elected on October 14.

This could have a huge effect on people in Canada and could have a great effect on the fitness and rehabilitation world.

This could create opportunity for fitness & rehabilitation proffesionals get more clients and help more people reach their health, fitness, rehabilitation and sport goals.

Keep an eye on Dave.

MLA Urges Fitness Tax Credit
Proposal would let people claim $1,500 per year

by Renata D'Aliesio - Calgary HeraldPublished - May 13, 2008

In the face of waning participation in organized sports, a Calgary Tory MLA who twice summited Mount Everest is proposing a fitness tax credit to encourage healthier living.

Dave Rodney, representing Calgary-Lougheed, has introduced a private member's bill that would offer tax relief for annual fees of up to $1,500 per person. If passed, the province would draft a list of qualifying activities, such as hockey, soccer and clubs such as running and hiking groups.

"I hope that people who are on the bubble in terms of whether or not they want to join that health club or that running club or any other organization, (this) will give them enough incentive to actually go ahead and do so."

Previous provincial health ministers, from Gary Mar to Dave Hancock, have talked about fitness incentives, but this is the first time legislation has been proposed.

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