Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Langley Kinesiologist asks, Do You Wonder Why Smart University Students Are Fat?

This is an interesting article.

It showed that university students ate more after reading, wriring and computer tasks.

This might be why their is a drastic increase in obesity in university students.

More You Work Your Brain, More You Eat: study

Marianne White , Canwest News Service

QUEBEC - If you're thinking more, you might also be eating more.

Intellectual work - like reading, writing or working on a computer - prompts people to overeat and that might be a cause of obesity, a new university study suggests.

"We have found that mental work represents a stress factor that stimulates food intake," said study co-author and kinesiologist Angelo Tremblay.

The results are published in the latest edition of Psychosomatic Medicine Journal.

Tremblay and his team of four other researchers at Laval University in Quebec City studied the link between mental work and food intake on 14 students.

They measured their food consumption after each of the following activities: resting in a sitting position; reading a document and writing a summary about it; and performing computerized tests. After each 45-minute task the subjects

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Paul K Turner BHkin RK CEP said...

great title rick I posted a similar article the other day

hope you are doing well

Paul K Turner BHkin RK CEP said...

hey rick great title I blogged about this the other day as well hope you are doing well.