Friday, September 19, 2008

Surrey Kinesiologist Asks, "How Consistent Are People in Taking Their Medications?"

This is a response to the focus on taking pills compared to helping people make life changes when it comes to treating diabetes.

Many doctors and health care professionals have given up on clients and their ability in making lifestyle changes. They think people would be more open to taking pills.

It is too bad these people don't read the facts.

Here are the stats:

2/3 of people don't take their medications correctly

- Two-thirds of Americans fail to take any or all of their prescription medications
- 12 percent don't fill their prescriptions
- 12 percent don't take the medication at all after they buy the prescription
- 29 percent stop taking their medicine before it runs out
- 10 percent of all hospitalizations are the result of failing to take prescription medications correctly.

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If doctors and health care professionals took the time to help patients make lifestyle changes, diabetes would be on the decline.

Plus the government needs to fund, not just promote, but fund exercise to an equal level as the do drugs.

Drugs decrease symptoms, exercise decreases illness.

Rick Kaselj -
Registered Kinesiologist

Healing Through Movement -
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