Thursday, November 27, 2008

Exercise is the Answer to Depression

This is another way that fitness & rehabilitation professionals can help.

Getting people moving helps with depression and decrease the risk of heart diseas in those that are depressed.

The researchers suggested that doctors need to suggest starting an exercise program.

This does not work.

A solution needs to be found on doctors suggesting starting an exercise program and people starting an exercise program.

Doctors refer patients to specialist, for MRIs and massage therapy. Doctors need to do the same with an exercise program.

"Go see Rick. He will get you on an exercise program and help with your depression."

Suggesting won't change anything.

- Rick

Lack of Exercise Explains Depression-Heart Link
November 26, 2008 - New York Times

For years cardiologists and mental health experts have known that depression raises risk for heart attack by 50 percent or more.

But what hasn’t been clear is why depressed people have more heart problems. Does depression cause some biological change that increases risk? Does the inflammatory process that leads to heart disease also trigger depression?

The answer may be far simpler. A new study suggests that people who are depressed are simply less likely to exercise, a finding that explains their dramatically higher risk for heart problems.

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