Monday, November 10, 2008

Surrey Personal Trainer States Stretching Does Not Prevent Injuries

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This is not a new concepts but it has taken a long time to works it way from research to the public.

The American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) sent out guidelines on this in 2004.

Variety Of Preparticipation Activities, Not Just Stretching,Recommended To Prevent Injuries In Sports
Research indicates stretching alone before and after exercise is not enough to prevent injury
March 3, 2004

“The use of stretching primarily as a way to prevent sports injury has been based on intuition and observation rather than scientific evidence,” said lead researcher Stephen B. Thacker, M.D. “The best advice is to include a combination of warm-up, strength training, plyometrics and balance exercises to lessen injury risks.”

“Most injuries occur during muscle contractions within the normal range of joint motion anyway,” said Thacker, “so it’s unclear how increasing the range of motion through stretching would decrease injury risk.” In addition, Thacker and his team point to some evidence that stretching just prior to an athletic event may actually compromise performance in elite athletes.

“We are not suggesting that athletes discontinue flexibility training and stretching altogether,” Thacker continued, “but that athletes, coaches, trainers and others look critically at preparticipation and training routines to ensure they include all the activities which, when combined, can enhance safety and performance. This might include activities such as proper warm-up or strength, plyometric and balance training.”

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