Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fitness & Rehab Newsletter #75 - Low Back Pain with Squatting Video

Fitness & Rehabilitation Newsletter

by Rick Kaselj of


Hello, issue #75.

This year has been the 5th year for the Fitness & Rehab Newsletter and today it has hit issue #75.

In 2009, there will be more things to celebrate:

- Fitness & Rehab Blog will be 2 years old -
- Fitness & Rehab Blog will shatter the 300 post mark
- It will be my 10th year presenting fitness & rehabilitation courses
- Hopefully the Fitness & Rehab Newsletter will hit #100

Thank you to everyone for reading and supporting Healing Through Movement.

Enjoy this week’s newsletter.

Low Back Pain with Squatting

I have been getting questions about exercise and injuries from around the world. I got an e-mail from Dallas whose from St. Louis, Missouri. Dallas is personal trainer that has a client that has low back pain when he does any squatting movements.

== >

Since the last video was so popular, I have tweaked things a bit and improved the video.

To learn about how to design and exercise program for a client with low back pain when squatting:

== >

Take care.

- Rick

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