Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do Your Clients have Poor Squatting Technique? Do These Exercises.

I just learned some new information that has really changed

my way of thinking when it comes to the squat exercises.

I wanted to share it with you:

==> Watch Before Squatting <---- Watch This Before You Do Squats Again

The video reveals several instant fixes for your squat

that you can apply right away.

To watch the free video just click this link…

==> Ways to Fix Your Squat <---- Real Quick

Take care,

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. This isn’t your run of the mill video. In it are 7 exercises that you

can add to your training and give to your clients right away that will

instantly make you squat deeper.

Go watch them here…

==> Great Exercises <---- 7 Exercises to Improve the Squat

Rick Kaselj –
Registered Kinesiologist Specializing in Injury Rehabilitation
Surrey, BC, Canada
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