Sunday, October 9, 2011

Postpartum Exercises

Today I want to chat about postpartum exercises.

Plus let you know about an update to Muscle Imbalances Revealed.

Lets start with Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition or as I call it, MIRU.

#1 - Muscle Imbalances Revealed - Upper Body Edition - Coaching Call

Few weeks back, the four creators of MIRU (Tony Gentilcore, Jeff Cubos, Dean Somerset, Rick Kaselj), did a coaching call where we answered MIRU members questions.

We sat on the phone with MIR members and aswered their questions.  It was a lot of fun.

It went great and we give away a stack more of great information.

Listen to the call here: ==> VIP Call

If you are having difficulties listening to the MIRU coaching call, this is how to access it.

1) Go to
2) Enter your username and password.
2) Then go to:

If you have not got MIRU yet, CLICK HERE to get it.

When you order MIRU, you will get a recording of the call.

The very cool thing, we will be doing another coaching call very soon so if you are a MIRU member, you will get access to that as well.

If you are not, you can get it here => Get MIRU

The very cool thing about the coaching call is you can ask us, your questions.

This never happens with a fitness education product.  You never get to review the product and then directly ask the creators your questions but with MIRU, you do.

Most times you need to pay to go to the person's course or pay to go to a conference and see them.  Not with MIRU, you can get on the phone with us.

It is so cool.

This is one of the many reason why Muscle Imbalances Revealed is so amazing.

Now getting to the postpartum exercises.

#2 - Why Postpartum Exercises Don't Work

This was an eye opening article.

I know it will anger a few people but it shows why traditional postpartum exercises, don't work.

==> Don't do Postpartum Exercises

That is it for today, have a great one.

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