Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Drinking, Athletes and Water

The article is interesting but it highlights:

"Who is the research for?"

In any race you have:

- People that are going to win
- Those that are going to place
- Those that are focusing on finishing
- Those that have to stop the race
- Those watching the race

The remarks of Dr. Noakes apply to the first to groups but not the last three.

Time to drink? When you're thirsty
Expert frowns on guidelines that urge drinking 'ahead of your thirst'
Jill Barker, Canwest News ServicePublished: Monday, November 17, 2008

For some years now, we have been told to drink ahead of our thirst, as it was felt that the urge to drink lagged behind the body's actual need for water. It turns out that advice might have been without merit. World renowned researcher Tim Noakes, a physician, exercise physiologist and marathoner, states that thirst is actually one of the best indicators of when to drink.

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