Friday, October 2, 2009

Fitness Rehabilitation Newsletter

Before I get to the e-mail. A few people have asked what is in the Core Stability of the Rehab Client DVDs:


Late last week I had a back client.

During our interview, she let me know that earlier this year she had a trainer to help her strengthen her core.

I asked her what kind of core exercises she did.

She showed me all of these high level exercises that one learns at a typical fitness conference. The kind that are a challenge to the fitness professionals that are taking the class.

These exercises maybe fine for a client that is fit and has overcome all of their injuries.

These exercises are NOT for a client that has a disc herniation with radiating bilateral pain from her back to her foot.

I didn’t say much, just listened.

After she let me know what she had done in the past, we decided to start from scratch.

We started off with exercise for a client with low back pain.

We started off with these core exercises:

We worked on activating all the key muscles involved in the core and then moved to integration of those muscles.

In time we may get to the fitness conference core exercises but right now we needed to get back to basics and focus on awareness, activation, endurance and control in various positions.

I go through all of this in the Core Stability for the Rehab Client DVD course. I cover the key muscles involved in the core, how to assess the core, core exercises to start with if you have low back pain and then more challenging core exercises.

These exercises maybe easy for you and I but if you have client with back pain, this is where to start them or it is a good chance you will re-injury them.

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P.S.S. - Tomorrow I am going to send you a quick video on how the leg press machine maybe injuring your client's backs.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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