Friday, October 2, 2009

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Video on Leg Press Machine and Low Back Injuries:


With every new client, I spent about 15 to 30 minutes chatting with the client.

We go through the forms that I have gotten them to fill out and I get more answers to other key questions.

I just had a client that stopped exercising for about a year because of a back injury.

I asked her, “How she injured her back?”

She let me know that she injured it while working with a trainer performing a leg press machine exercise.

I would like to say this not the first time I have heard this.

I know in my, Core Stability of the Lower Back course, I talk about the importance of the leg press and that strengthening the legs is important in the recovery from a low back injury.



But, not all leg press machines help, some harm.

Watch this video on how the leg press machine can cause more back injuries, than it can help:


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P.P.S. - Next week I will be covering a lot of great information when it comes to scapular stabilization. Talk to you then!

Rick Kaselj, MS

Rick Kaselj –
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