Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have You Done this Before?

I locked myself in a coffee shop bathroom yesterday.

Hip Muscle Imbalances <---- What I Was Working on In the Coffee Shop

The person before me must have broken the door knob and not let anyone know. I spent 17 minutes using my Mac Gyver skills to get out.

I got a chuckle and so did the rest of the coffee shop.

Okay, lets talk about muscle imbalances.

I went to a new hair dresser on Monday.

She was talking to me about muscle imbalances. Kind of funny that she brought it up. She let me know she has been a hair dresser for 27 years and the muscle imbalances she has developed has lead to chronic injuries and having to stop running.

I was paying her to cut my hair but I ended up giving her a number of ideas on how she could address her muscle imbalances in order to get rid of her chronic injuries and get back to running.

At the end of the hair cut, I wondered who should be paying who.

The funny thing, the project I was working on a the coffee shop is on muscle imbalances. Here is a sneak peak into it:

Mike Robertson on Muscle Imbalances and the Hip <---- Watch the Video Here

Well that is it.

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